With the support of RECO, Water Systems are improved at the Community of Monte Placentero

Roatan Electric Company (RECO) continues to work for the benefit of the inhabitants of the island, recently the company presented the advances in the project of the water systems at the community of Monte Placentero where they have been working on the communities water systems.

Through this project a better functioning of the electric fluid in the water pumps will be provided, contributing with the saving of energy and mainly solving the problem of providing a constant fluid of the water to all the community.

During the last months several works have been carried out in the area of the community’s water wells; among them the cleaning of the wells, removal of the old equipment and the installation of the three-phase equipment. As a final stage of the project, the leaders of the Patronato Monte Placentero requested to change the water pipes that are in bad conditions and RECO has contributed to donate 2,800 feet of pipes valued at $ 30,000.00.

The leaders of the board will be in charge of carrying out the installation and hiring the human labor; starting the respective work in the coming days.

Once this stage is completed, a greater production of the fluid will be achieved, expecting to generate 120 gallons of water per minute in the pump.

RECO has contributed to improve both the electrical infrastructure systems and the installation of the new three-phase equipment that will be used for the operation of the community’s water wells with a donation cost of 1 million lempiras. This also involves the purchase of three-phase equipment, installation and improvements in the electrification network, adding improvements in Monte Placentero as well as for the neighboring areas to benefit around 17 thousand residents, who will have access to a better service of water.

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