Roatan Electric Company participates in Electri International’s Annual Convention

Roatán, March 2018.

Roatán Electric Company (RECO), participated in the annual convention held by the foundation of Electri International, a foundation that associates the different industries of the energy sector.

The annual convention by Electri International was held for the second time on the island of Roatan, with the participation of 50 members of the energy sector composed of electrical contractors, electricity manufacturers, specialists in sales and distribution of electricity, researchers and specialists in education from different countries of America.

Roatan Electric Company collaborated with the participation of Engineer Matthew Harper, Director of Operation, who gave the conference with the new model of the LPG-based power plant.

With the presentation of the new power plant, members and representatives of Electri International toured the facilities of the LPG plant, being a new generation system of great contribution and knowledge for specialists in the field of energy.

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