Regional Electric Interconnection Commission (CRIE) visits RECO’Ss new Power Plant Facilities

Representatives of the Regional Electric Interconnection Commission (CRIE) visited the new power plant of Roatán Electric Company (RECO) emphasizing the importance of being an environmental friendly energy generation system.

The CRIE is the regulatory agency of the electricity market for Central America and its annual meeting was held on the island of Roatán, providing the opportunity to visit the new facilities of the plant that has a model of power generation based of LPG Gas considered a clean combustion that emits less gases into the environment.

“For RECO it’s very important to receive the visit of the CRIE in our new power plant, as representatives and authority of the energy industry for Central America has allowed them to provide an objectively review of our equipment, considering the investment of the company and our commitment with the environment “, added Fabiola Rosales, Public Relations Manager of RECO.

The Commissioner of the CRIE for Honduras, Gerardo Salgado, reviewed “We have found it very interesting because of all the technology it has, it also gives us great satisfaction that in Honduras, and especially at an island that’s so important to the country for its tourism and economic point of view, they have installed a plant that not only provides energy in a constant way, but also uses fuel that is friendly with the environment and that allows all this beauty not only endure for new generations but for many new visitors of the island”.

The representative mentioned, we’re glad to see all this effort that is behind the construction, of the people who work in the power plant, of the effort they put in, to produce energy and that the inhabitants of the island can have this flow of this vital supply that contributes to the development, progress, welfare to improve the quality of life of all the inhabitants of the island.

The Commissioner of the Regional Electric Interconnection Commission of Panama (CRIE) Rodrigo Rodríguez, emphasized “The most important part of the power plant to value is how friendly it is with the environment, a plant that uses LPG is a plant that emits very little pollution which helps the environment.

“It’s an excellent power plant that is quite well maintained, I understand that it needs some civil infrastructure but the operative part is already in place and everything looks very good”, he added.

The executive said that this plant can be replicable in other countries provided with the right conditions such as access to the sea, a port nearby that allows the entry of ships that bring liquefied petroleum gas, because obviously in these countries the Central America we’re not petroleum producers.

Salgado concluded by saying that this is probably the second power plant of its kind in Central America and that it uses this type of fuel, we are talking about the latest technology that comes to accompany the development of this island, therefore it is part also of the things that make us very proud, all this effort to bring technology, to bring solutions that are friendly with the environment and that contribute to the development of the inhabitants and of all the economic activity that takes place here.

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