RECO completes first stage of improvements in the distribution network of the island of Roatan

Roatan Electric Company (RECO) has assumed the commitment to improve its assistance with the island, culminating the first stage of improvements in the distribution network at the areas of Coxen Hole and nearby areas.

The total cost of the project is valued on L 2.4 million, concluding the first phase of the project has been completed, consisting of the change of 14 wooden poles to concrete poles, installation of two thousand feet of three-phase cable with a capacity of 266 mcm with a sustainable capacity for the transmission of up to 5 megawatts and the installation of 7 new transformers with a useful life of 50 years.

Matthew Harper, Operational Manager of RECO, stated “We have finalized the first stage with the renewal of power poles, fittings, wiring and transformers at the downtown area of Coxen Hole from the church to Welcome Plaza. This is one of the most important areas and we have started with the tasks that were carried out over the last two months “.

The new installed equipment has a useful life of 50 years and as part of the work a layer of fiberglass was applied to the fittings and transformers to prevent the deterioration of the materials due to the effects of the nitrate that cause a rapid corrosion and through this equipment we expect to provide a better performance and durability of the equipment.

RECO has applied certain security and protection measures for the inhabitants of the region, in the same way with these tasks it has provided a better appearance with the electric structure for the tourists who visit the island frequently turning it into a more modern touristic place.

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