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Our History

Roatan Electric Company, (RECO) is the electrical utility company in the touristic island of Roatan, located at the north coast of Honduras. RECO offers the service of generation and distribution to the municipalities of Roatan and Santos Guardiola.

RECO recently started operations with its new generation system, LPG Power Plant, a technological and environmental friendly system that has an installed capacity of 28 megawatts, additional the company integrates a diesel power plant that offers 10 MW and the wind farm of Trade Winds Energy that provides 3.9 MW.

RECO has achieved 25 years of service contributing and investing in energy projects for the benefit of the island. Since 2008, Klyde Warren Energy Investments, (KWEI) assumed the management and majority ownership of the company providing an improved administration that has been able to achieve a stable energy service for the touristic island of Roatan.

Our Mission

Provide a reliable, sustainable and effective energy service through environmental and safety standards in our generation systems contributing to the economic growth and commercial development of the island.

Our Vision

Become the most efficient, profitable and socially responsible company in the business of generating, transmitting, distributing and selling of energy in the Caribbean.

Our Values

  • Safety First: Manage the business targeting “zero” accidents and “zero” incidents for both employees and customers.
  • Environmental Consciousness: RECO is friendly with nature, and manages sound pollution and emissions causing the least possible harm to the island`s environment.
  • Honesty: The company and its employees are transparent with everything they do in respect of The Law, customers and suppliers.
  • Integrity: RECO and its employees are consistent with actions, values, methods, measures and principles.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The company places its customers as its maximum priority; every company and employee effort is oriented to fully satisfy or exceed customer requirements.