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Dear Contractors:

We would like to inform all contractors who are requesting approval for a design package for all line extension projects (overhead or underground) that the requirements are as follows:

  • Municipal business permit (Permiso de Operación) issued by Roatan or Oakridge (José Santos Guardiola) municipality.
  • ZOLITUR permit or at a minimum a letter from ZOLITUR stating that application is in process.
  • Certificate of Solvency of the supervising electrical engineer’s affiliation to the Honduran College of Electrical Engineers (CIMEQH).
  • A load calculation based on the applicable NEC table for feeders and IEEE standards for diversity factors should be included as part of the package to justify transformer sizing. Voltage regulation details for secondary mains should also be included.

For projects that are greater than 50 KVA load and 2 or 3 phases the following additional information is required:

  • Block diagram and one-line diagrams showing sectionalizing and protection equipment, transformers, meter and any other equipment.
  • Load projection for the project from the start to build- out per phase per year including load flow data.
  • Manufacturer’s specifications of all equipment and cable to be used (cut sheet).

For final acceptance for all projects the following documents are required.

  • Built plans.
  • Original receipts for all materials and equipment used in the project.
  • List of all materials used in the project.
  • Certification of transformer tests from manufacturer.
  • Easement documents (RECO distribution department has a format for this) if necessary.
  • Catastral certificate or “Dominio Pleno” registered document of the property to be electrified.
  • RTN, identification (cedula, passport or residence card) of project owner.

Any questions pertaining to the above requirements should be directed to RECO’s Distribution Offices, call 2407-2170 ext 118.


The following is RECO’s list of pre-approved contractors authorized by us to contract or perform maintenance on distribution lines or service entrance equipment. The list is based on these criteria:

  • Education and experience of managers, supervisors and technicians of the company concerned.
  • Inventory of specialized equipment for building and working on power lines up to 15 KV.
  • Inventory of safety equipment for 15 KV. Power line maintenance.
  • Track record (history of projects).
  • Professional affiliations (CIMEQH, IEEE, INFOP, ETC.).
Contractors Contacts 15 KV Energized 15 KV 3 Fase Underground 15 KV 3 Fase Above Ground 15 KV 1 Fase Underground to 50 KVA 15 KV Above Ground to 50 KVA 600 V Below Undergorund & Above Ground
A-O-Electric 2445-0134 / 9995-2164
Selcard 2455-6118 / 9928-2253 X X X X X
Green Hill Energy Solutions 2435-1018 / 9994-6875 / 9861-9893
Fredy Torres 9964-6600 / 8921-8991 X X X X
Starik Electric 2455-6842 / 2455-6843
Vegas 2445-1309 / 2445-1073

NOTE: 15 KV Energized. This category refers to proyects that involve extending, modifying and/or re-locating lines or poles on our 13.8 KV grid. Any Contractor whose name does not appear on the list must fill out a Pre-Approved format for contractors (We should remind contractors that request forms were handed out to all on our records at the beginning of January).