Roatan Electric Company participates in Electri International’s Annual Convention

Roatán Electric Company (RECO), participated in the annual convention held by the foundation of Electri International, a foundation that associates the different industries of the energy sector.

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Roatan power plant is a model to follow by the energy industry of Tahiti

Roatan Electric Company RECO, being a pioneer in the world with the new generation system with LPG combustion engines, is a model to follow because of its innovative generation system based on environmentally friendly fuels, contributing to the care of the island of Roatan, the greatest vocation tourism area of Honduras.

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RECO advances on the electrification of Saint Helene

Roatán Electric Company (RECO) continues to make progress in its electrification project on the Island of Santa Elena. The project has executed the first phase that involves the installation of the distribution network of the power poles and the electrical wiring system.

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RECO supports “Megacolecta”for the Honduran Foundation for Children with Cancer

Roatan Electric Company (RECO) as a social responsible company joined to provide support to the Foundation for Children with Cancer through the activity of the "Megacolecta" that was held for the first time at the island of Roatan.

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RECO, CREE and Secretary of Finance discuss the development of projects for the Energy Industry of the Island

Executives of Roatan Electric Company (RECO) held meetings with the Energy Regulatory Commission (CREE) and officials of the Ministry of Finance with the objective of analyzing the development of projects for the energy sector of Roatan.

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With the support of RECO, Water Systems are improved at the Community of Monte Placentero

Roatan Electric Company (RECO) continues to work for the benefit of the inhabitants of the island, recently the company presented the advances in the project of the water systems at the community of Monte Placentero where they have been working on the communities water systems.

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RECO completes first stage of improvements in the distribution network of the island of Roatan

Roatan Electric Company (RECO) has assumed the commitment to improve its assistance with the island, culminating the first stage of improvements in the distribution network at the areas of Coxen Hole and nearby areas.

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Regional Electric Interconnection Commission (CRIE) visits RECO’Ss new Power Plant Facilities

Representatives of the Regional Electric Interconnection Commission (CRIE) visited the new power plant of Roatán Electric Company (RECO) emphasizing the importance of being an environmental friendly energy generation system.

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